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Ben and Jessica Wells

Hey there! We are Ben and Jessica Wells, owners and creators of Surf Monster. We created this brand because we wanted to share our love of the ocean, outdoors, and all things fun and funky with like-minded you!

We wanted to create the brand that we wanted to wear and one we thought was missing among a myriad of clothing companies. A brand that you can depend on with only the top of the line quality and customer service. Our motto and promise to this project from day one has been, "If we wouldn't wear it ourselves, then we won't sell it to others!"

Growing up with a love of illustration, design, escapism, and apparel, this passion project has brought us so much joy since we launched  in 2020. Seeing our ideas come to life in the form of clothing and accessories is something that never grows old!

Surf Monster is meant for The LIFESTYLER, the ADVENTURER, the VACTIONER, the CONSERVATIONIST, and last but not least, the outside of the box FASHIONISTA.

All of our product is proudly and locally printed in the USA and shipped by us! 


Wear it, love it, and be a part of the Surf Monster Family!


Embrace The Chill and show the world your tropical side!

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